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Step Forward for Children's Health

Congress must act this year to extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for four more years. CHIP has been a lifeline for millions of children in working families since its bipartisan beginning in 1997 and today provides health coverage to more than 8 million children. However, unless Congress takes action, there will be no new funding for CHIP after September 30, 2015, which would result in millions of children losing coverage or parents paying substantially more for less comprehensive coverage for their children. With states already planning annual budgets for 2015, we must work together to ensure funding for CHIP is extended this year for four more years. Thanks to Medicaid and CHIP, there are fewer uninsured children in America than ever before. We cannot move backward in our progress to give all children a healthy start.  Please call your elected Senators and Representative and ask them to take action now to fund CHIP for four more years.


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