Children's Defense Fund

Step Up for Children in the Budget Battles

Step Up for Children in the Budget

As powerful forces in Congress faceoff in a summer showdown over the 2012 budget, deficit reduction, and the debt ceiling, the threat to children has never been greater. Despite the consensus of our nation’s most respected economists that now is the time to invest in our children, some members of Congress are putting the richest Americans and the richest corporations ahead of the needs of the least among us, our children.

Children are the poorest group in America and their needs are rising dramatically. 60 percent of our children cannot read or do math at grade level in the fourth, eighth and 12th grade. Too many drop out and drop in to the Cradle to Prison Pipeline. Enough is enough, we must step up before it’s too late. Now is the time for each of us to step up to protect our children from all budget cuts and to invest in a pipeline to college, productive work and successful life opportunities. The greatest threat to America’s national security comes from no enemy without but from our failure to protect, invest in, and educate all of our children. Join us and contact your Members of Congress today.


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Step Up for Children in the Budget Battles

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