Demand Our Nation’s Most Vulnerable Children Receive A Quality Education


Ensure Quality Education for our Most Vulnerable ChildrenToday, over fifteen million children in rich America live in poverty. More than 20 percent of children under age five are poor, including more than 40 percent of Black children and 35 percent of Hispanic children. The best hope these children have of lifting themselves out of poverty is a quality education. Yet for far too long, the most vulnerable children in America have been denied this opportunity. Inequities in educational funding, resources and opportunities have placed poor and minority children in low-performing schools with inadequate facilities and ineffective teachers.

While the Obama Administration has pledged to level the playing field for all children, several important components of real education reform are in danger of being overlooked:

  • Title I funding formula inequities
  • Support for early learning initiatives
  • Support for children in juvenile justice facilities and foster care
  • School discipline policies

Tell your Members of Congress to secure the future by providing a quality education for every child.

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