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Urge Gov. Cuomo and NY State Legislators to Pass Comprehensive Raise the Age Legislation

Thousands of New York adolescents are processed in the adult criminal justice system, subject to adult jails and prisons, and saddled with criminal records that impact the rest of their lives. Treating young people in the adult criminal justice system increases their likelihood of being abused, and increases the likelihood that they will commit more crimes and return to the criminal justice system in the future.

New York is one of two states that automatically treats all 16 and 17 year olds as adults in the criminal justice system. New York State’s Adopted FY2015-16 Budget has taken a big step toward ending New York's Cradle to Prison Pipeline by including funding to Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility in New York. However, the funding will only become available if Raise the Age legislation is passed before the end of session in June.

Please enter your information below to send a message to Governor Cuomo and New York State Legislators asking them to pass comprehensive Raise the Age legislation this session!


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Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility This Session!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to you because I want New York to RAISE THE AGE of criminal responsibility! It's time to treat children as children and stop the pipeline to prison that all too often results in marginalized lives, incarceration and long-term collateral consequences.

New York's children and youth cannot wait--please Raise the Age today!

Your Constituent and Dedicated Child Advocate,
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