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The time to speak up is now!

Tell Congress to stop program cuts and get rid of sequestration rules that prevent needed investments to lift children out of poverty.

We must move forward, not backward if we are to end child poverty.

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The Sequestration Rules Need to Go. #StopTheCuts

Dear [Decision Maker],

We must move forward, not backwards to end child poverty now. It's immoral that our wealthy country has 14.7 million poor children. Poverty hurts children and families. Key programs such as SNAP, housing assistance, child care assistance, Head Start and many others that provide needed supports for low-income families with children are at risk of facing cuts. With cuts like those proposed more children will fall into or further into poverty.

Please #StopTheCuts now. Our children and our nation's future depend on investments in proven programs. Please read a report that presents real solutions for ending child poverty now, you can find it here www.endingchildpovertynow.org.

Your Constituent and Dedicated Child Advocate,