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CDF-CA Mother's Day Campaign

My older sister, Marcy, has been my mother figure since the age of 12 … She gave me stability and a home without having the guidance or resources. I wouldn't be the young woman I am today if it wasn't for her.

Florencia Valenuela, 18,
2016 Beat the Odds® scholar

My mom has made a difference in my life by setting an example on what it looks like to provide for her family and other people's families. My mother is the strongest person I know.

Tim Walker, 20,
2014 Beat the Odds® scholar

Being that my mother passed away, I have found comfort in multiple women who have made it a part of their lives to make sure that I am okay in all areas and aspects. When it comes to family, my aunt and my God mother have been the two main women who have taken on the role of being my mother.

Cierra Gunderson, 18,
2016 Beat the Odds® scholar

Honor Mother's Love

Whether it is a birth mother, god mother, sister or aunt, the presence of caring adults — particularly women — in the lives of youth is invaluable. Whenever possible, we must step up and fill the holes in the lives of children so that they know and feel that there is someone who cares. Children's Defense Fund-California cares, and we recognize that "it takes a village to raise a child." Therefore, we provide positive and impactful supports for children and the women who mother them.

In the spirit of community, please make a gift to CDF-CA and help us support mothers and children across the state.

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