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Between now and our 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Kennedy Center on September 30th we will be highlighting 40 extraordinary young leaders. All are part of the CDF family, all participated in our Youth Leadership Development programs, all are helping to create change for children. Read and share their remarkable stories of courage, and their accomplishments to improve the lives of children. Help us reach our goal of raising $40,000 online for our 40th Anniversary Changing the Odds for Children Fund by September 30, 2013, with a one-time contribution of $40 or by donating $4 a month for 10 months.

It Takes a Village

Arianna McQuillen

Arianna McQuillen had to overcome chronic asthma, the death of two grandparents, her mother’s mental illness, foster care, and bullying to get where she is today—a successful junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“I think it was a lot of hard work on my part and on the part of people who cared about me and encouraged me,” she says. One of those caring people is Ivanna Omeechevarria, a CDF board member who brought Arianna into her home and heart through the Beat the Odds scholarship and leadership development program. Read more.

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