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The Children's Defense Fund® Bible with Children's Concordance

openCDFbible.jpgA favorite small format, new revised standard version Bible with a Children’s Topical Concordance that underscores our moral obligation to children. This purse-size Bible is bound in attractive green leather.  REDUCED FROM $25.00

Concordance indexes the Bible’s Chapters and Verses that deal with:

  • Sustaining Ourselves in Advocacy for Children
  • God’s Justice
  • Our Call to Justice
  • Denial of Justice
  • God’s Care for Those Who Are Poor
  • Jesus and Those Who Are Poor
  • Our Responsibility to Those Who Are Poor
  • Responsibility of Those Who Govern to Those Who Are Poor
  • Injustice to Those Who Are Poor
  • God’s Care for Children and Families
  • Parents’ and Others’ Care for Children
  • Relationships Between Children and Parents
  • Family Relationships as Metaphor for God-Human Relationships
  • Children as a Model of Faith
  • Children as a Blessing
  • Faith of Children
  • Raising Children in the Faith Tradition
  • Families Relationship to God
  • Relationship to God Above Family
  • The Faithful Witness of Children
  • Children and Families in Harm’s Way
  • Children in Need of Healing/ Death of Children
  • Traits of Childhood
  • Stories about Children
  • Guidance and Prayers for Those Who Care for Children
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