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Peach: When the Well Run Dry

By Peggy Mercer, Illustrations by Ron Garnett

PeachWhenWellRunDryL.jpg“My heart beat ninety to nothing, watching Ma cry. I jumped from one foot to the other and Macy whispered, ‘Be still, Peach!’

“But standing still wasn’t easy, ‘cause when Ma wasn’t happy, wasn’t nobody happy!

“’The well’s run dry! This family’s out of water!’ Ma said, patting her chest and turning the water bucket down on the well. ‘Young ‘uns, we got to find water!’

“We followed Ma hurriedly to the house. On a windowsill sat an old hen. Suddenly, the hen ruffled her feathers and crowed. It was a terrible bad sign, and we jumped like we’d been poked. Everybody knew a hen wasn’t supposed to crow; only roosters.” © 2010 Hard cover 93 pages

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