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You Don't Even Know Me: Stories and Poems About Boys

By Sharon G. Flake

YouDontEvenKnowMEL.jpg“Ever wonder what that guy in your class is thinking? You’ll hear from him and many other teen boys in this collection of short stories and poems. There’s Tow-Kaye, getting married at age sixteen to the love of his life, who’s pregnant. He knows it’s the right thing to do, but he’s scared to death. James writes in his diary about his twin brother’s terrible secret, while Tyler explains what it’s like to be a player with the ladies. In a letter to his uncle, La’Ron reveals that he’s infected with HIV. Eric takes us on a tour of North Philly on the Fourth of July, when the heat could make a guy go crazy.

“These and many other unforgettable characters come to life in this poignant, funny and often searing collection of urban male voices. Sharon G. Flake’s talent for telling it like it is will leave you thinking differently, feeling deeply and definitely wanting more.” © 2010 Paperback 190 pages

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