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The Deaf Musicians

Story by Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacobs, Illustrations by R. Gregory Christie

The Deaf Musicians“Lee is a piano man. Every night, he plays jazz for the crowd. It sounds something like this: Plink-a-plink -- BOMP -- plink-plink Yimba-timba-TANG-Zang-zang.

“One night, Lee’s bandmates notice something is off. Lee’s music comes out like this: Ronk. Phip. Tonk.

“There’s no way to hide it: Lee is losing his hearing. Then Lee discovers sign language. And soon after, he meets Max, who plays the sax. Together they form a new band--the Deaf Musicians. But who will listen to a deaf musician?

“With the Deaf Musicians, Pete Seeger, Paul DuBois Jacobs, and three-time Coretta Scott King Honor winner R. Gregory Christie present an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles, set to a jazzy score.” © 2006 Hard cover

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