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Jenny Reen and the Jack Muh Lantern

By Irene Smalls, Illustrated by Keinyo White

JennyReenL.jpg“Sister Louisa cares for Jenny Reen in the slave quarter while her parents work in the files. From Louisa, Jenny learns of love, as well as the story of the Jack Muh Lantern with its googly google eyes, which comes out on All Hallow’s Eve and drags unsuspecting people into the swamp.

“Author’s Note:

“This story is about a time when black people’s knowledge was created by imagination and passed on by tongue. It was against the law to teach a black person to read and write, so the whys of the world were reasoned by their hearts and minds. This story is based on authentic African-American folktales, songs and oral histories.” © 1996 Hard cover easy reader with full-page illustrations.

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